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Electronic Cigarette

Product Description:
Electronic Cigarette is a non-flammable electronic atomizing device, using advanced microelectronic technology and super critical physical atomized technology to atomize nicotine from a disposable cartridge. This new and fashionable hi-tech Electronic Cigarette, gives you more choices of leading a healthy life.

Differences between electronic cigarette and ordinary cigarette:

1. No tar or other carcinogenic substances that are harmful to the human body.
2. Non-flammable therefore eliminating over 4000 chemical substances, including carbon monoxide produced by an ordinary cigarette.
3. Harmless to others and the environment. No second-hand smoke.
4. Can be used safely in places designated as non-smoking such as, offices, bars and restaurants.

How does it work?
The Electronic Cigarette utilizes advanced intelligent chip and aerodynamic sensors to control the output of smoke vapor volume. Low density liquid nicotine enters the atomizer through a honeycomb super micro structure, which is then atomized to be fog granules. Fog granules are formed by heating, causing the liquid surface tension to be easy to atomize. It imitates the tobacco smoke's temperature (50-60 degrees Celsius). This technology makes our Electronic Cigarette feel like your smoking a normal cigarette.

its effectiveness is similar to ordinary cigarettes, refreshing the smokers mind and satisfying the craving for tobacco

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